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Writing is something I have very recently discovered. The gift to carve out a Career, and share the journey with you all. So that your learning and action curve shortens. You get the results even faster than I did. Without going hrough the years of trials and errors that I made countless blunders of.

Don’t just read them, Act on them!πŸ˜‡

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is my Bread and Butter. I love the Stage, be it Virtual or In-Person. You will find a list of all my Keynote Speeches and Trainings in this single page, absolutely for Free

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Micro Courses

The best way to Master a Skill is to Learn it, Implement it, and Teach It. This page includes all the REAL-TIME Skills any school or college fails to teach, in th e form of Micro COurses.

Few are for YOU, few are for YOUR BUSINESS. Immerse in them.
Make sure You Take Action! That’s how every Micro Course is designed! All the very best!Β πŸ˜‡


Thoughts become things. This is a page, where you learn from my free-flowing thoughts as I’m building myself from scratch. All the hacks, secrets, tips, tricks of Upskilling, at the comfort of your fingertips and ears.

Just Plug in, connect your pods, let the Voice do it’s Magic!πŸ˜‡


Ever since I learned Speaking in English and Hindi, from scratch, it’s been a 5 year wait to finally fill in the Courage to share my learnings with the world through Videos!

I have decided to go deep, sharing my learnings in a Fun Engaging Simplified manner, Single Take Zero Editing.

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If there’s anything that comes naturally to me, it’s music. Over the years I’ve always held back this gift, out of Extreme Fear, Nervousness and Perfection Syndrome! 

People have asked me to sing away, so here I am! What’s the worse it can get! Although I’m extremely nervous even now…..

Listen to them at your own risk!πŸ˜‡