Micro Courses

The best way to Master a Skill is to Learn it, Implement it, and Teach It. This page includes all the REAL-TIME Skills any school or college fails to teach, in th e form of Micro Courses.

Few are for YOU, few are for YOUR BUSINESS. Immerse in them.
Make sure You Take Action! That’s how every Micro Course is designed! All the very best! 😇

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The Power of Micro Courses

Every Problem that we Face, are always a compilation of the Little Problems we face. That’s where a Micro Course comes in. We take the biggest problems, be it personal, or professional, and create a Step-by-Step, No BS Action Plan to work on it. Each Course is less than 120 mins in duration, and can be completed in a Single Sitting. We launch atleast 1 Micro Course Every Week!

Every Course includes, On-Demand Videos, Action Workbook, Weekly Live Immersions, Community of Like Minded Souls from 54+ Countries

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